"Light monumentality" defining as urban link: The monument has neglected in the indifference of people in modern city; it only attracts to tourists. The importance as monumentality has been disappearing. That is, the monumental object exposes its power to atmosphere and stand as sublimed object; however, it never communicates with city. The meaning of "Light monumentality" flows urban context as well as keeping monumental image. It absorbs atmosphere and behaves as urban link. 

Urban link : I designed dynamic deck systems - proposed design connects North and South [historical heritage flowing] through roof deck and links various flows from context as well as connecting programs through inner deck systems. Interweaving deck systems occur various activities according as passage of urban flow and dynamic circulation. And, I distribute programs in site. Each programs are connected by deck system. These deck systems make easy to find the direction; people are easily find route when they follow the interweaving deck system

Building Concept Diagram


Detailed Views


Roof deck connect the flow between north and south; it is the axis of national heritage. programs at roof deck relate to Korea history and culture in order to connect the cultural axis in Seoul. I also suggest to add new international train station. It will work as hub station which connecting the China, Russia, and Europe after re-linking rail road through North Korea. Deck Level under roof deck connects to existing village [west village].  I designed green infrastructure, which is sports facilities, park, and open theater, to communicate with existing urban fabric. and, it connects programs in site. And, rail road and water treatment facilities locates on station level. It has four water treatment facilities to purify water from site and locate international rail road for future use.


Sustainable Idea: 

Water was often to cease the flow because summer in Seoul, Korea is hot and dry. Extensive development of storm-water and waste-water treatment has has been occurring; the water treatment  has developed to sustain many facts, including recreation and reuse. Also, I tried to design sustainable idea into urban block. First, I suggest the way to purify polluted stream which pass through the city. I designed four water treatment facility in new urban block in order to purify stream polluted  from city and new urban block. And, I proposed to design soft edge around stream as permeable zone in order to treat waste and storm water.

Physical Model Images