NYC is the most vibrant city in the world where experimentation and conservation coexist with advanced technology. The city offers one of kind green places (i.e. Central Park, High Line, etc.), and wide pedestrian passages. Values of such assets are often hindered due to influx of people and heavy traffic. Such concentration leads to urban problems leading to dangerous environment for bicycle users and difficulties for people to get around. With this understanding, finding the key to proper installation of tram is critical in transforming and defusing one of the most dense premises – 42nd St.

Ecology Bridge: Ground tram does not only block people and cars, but its rails also take up significant amount of space for clearance. Fully understanding the current situation of NYC, and also the unspottedness for Ground Tram has triggered the proposal of “Aerial Tram”. Aerial Tram allows for currently existing green places to better-connect, and everyone (bikers, pedestrians and animals) to freely and safely get around. Further details can be found on following boards. However in short, this Aerial Tram approaches to ground level at each stop, then goes up to the height of 4 or 8 meters when moving which secures areas and activities to be carried out on ground level. With this obstacle-free area, on and above ground, we propose Ecology Bridge which completes the city’s Green and Human network. Three main concepts can be achieved through this Ecology Bridge.


Nature Bridge: Within secured space, proposing additional green space along with water way on ground level

a. Green: Through the additional Phase 2 that extends to 34th St, this Ecology Bridge now becomes the loop to continue and connect between various Parks (ie. Bryant Park and High-line) / b. Water: Introducing water Eco-system the Hudson and East Rivers into Manhattan for benefits of flood control, and purified rain water collection.


People Bridge:

a. NYC currently lacks Pedestrian and Biker friendly zones. On Ground Level, safe area is secured for pedestrians and animals while the top level is reserved for bicycle users (Bike Highway) / b. At each stop exists “Bridge Space” – above the tram platform and below Bike Highway. Appropriate programs can be applied depending on each stop’s community, neighborhood and/or other significant characteristics. (ie. International Gallery around UN building, Fashion Show Walkway concept around Fashion District, etc.)


Vertical Bridge: NYC is a vertical city comprised of many high-rises and skylines. Reflecting its key vertical features, this Aerial Tram is also proposed in multiple levels to provide dynamic features in each level. For passengers of this Aerial Tram can experience the true vertical characteristic of NYC through undulating movement of tram, while the bikers running on highest level of 10-meters above ground can easily absorb NYC panoramic views, and when on Bike Highway above East River, one can enjoy the scenery of the whole verticality of NYC.