Queanbeyan is a bridging city between Canberra and the sea while supporting Canberra. It has geographical merits, however it lacks of its own dynamic force to develop more. Coexisting with Canberra taking advantage of capital region would be more efficient than inducing visitors by its own merits. On this premise, we seek for solution to develop Queanbeyan making full use of Canberra’s hardware and software in urbanity. 

In Canberra, lots of festivals and events are being held throughout a year. Most popular one is Canberra Balloon Spectacular, Floriade and Nara Candle Festival. Besides, food festival, multi culture festival, sports events are being held and they make the city alive and active. Thus, Queanbeyan can make use of these festivals and try to hold branching events or similar festival in another season. For example, during Canberra Balloon Spectacular, Queanbeyan can host branching festival having different merits of enjoying the view of whole Canberra and nature around or moving to the seashore. During the Floriade, locally vegetated flowers can be exhibited at the downtown Q.

Queabeyan can host leading festivals affecting Canberra. For example, at the time of Nara candle festival, a boat with lots of candles can take off at the dock of downtown Q and flow to the river and lakes of Canberra, then this idea can extend the geographical limit of Lennox Gardens to the whole area of Canberra and Queanbeyan. The event of Tour de Canberra or Canberra-Queanbeyan marathon can have route passing through downtown Q and it can advertise the beauty of Queanbeyan nationally and internationally. Queanbeyan can host a food festival with local farms, and a performing arts festival at the spaces at the preserved buildings and art  centre. Besides these major events, at ordinary days, flee market, community festivals or daily Balloon tour can enliven the city and enables of constant flux of visitors and interaction with people.

Another connection between cities would be the urban design of circle and radial form which left a significant mark in urban design history. This hardware which connects places and people in circulation is grafted at the downtown Q. Circular bike way is located at the third level above four blocks, roundabout is at the center of blocks to circulate traffic at decreased velocity, and transit hub in circle form is at the center of commercial quarter.

At the ground level, local commercials are occupied, on second level, public programs such as restaurants, cafes, schools, hotels or art center are sharing continuous terraces to host various events. On forth level, green surfaces are used for farming, flower beds, roof garden for rainwater collection, and finally at the fifth level in several circular platforms, balloon can take off and land and running tracks for citizen are located. Yearly festivals and events are being held at Q downtown site on various levels and they increase the value of the city of Queanbeyan.

RESIDENTIAL Q: Mixed-use building of three different types of housing, hotel, and retail. Three European style courtyard blocks connected by a continuous promenade and cycling path on the rooftop provide a unique living environment, where suburban life merges with dynamic activities, and housing and business co-exist.

COMMERCIAL Q: “Four inextricably linked interventions must be made to improve the City’s essential system and better express its culture: 1. Public space, entertainment, and the environment; 2. Transportation; 3. Education; 4. Economic development.”  Transit hub will be located on east side waterfront of downtown as a gateway to city and create traffic roundabout courtyard, separated by the center of traffic district. Transit hub, including bus and taxi terminal, integrates community and traveler amenities such as retail complex, roof garden, and public loop (cycling and walking path). Transit hub will host residents and visitors including commuters, shoppers, and culture seekers and revives a commercial district. 

CIVIC Q: Proposes new development to design to support art, education and municipal facilities, including an extension of performing arts center that connects existing performing arts center to multiform theater. The vision of Civic Q is the need to create new and different ways of doing things that residents and visitors have an opportunity and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and arts experience across this district.